It’s pretty pink…yes.
All natural, nothing edited by the way.

I’m wondering if anybody else would see this things in these photos…

In this one i see a mountain, a volcano – whith thousands of little shimmering gemstones. if you look close enough you could even spot some of them rolling down the slope.
At the same time i can see a woman – actually only the silhouette of a women OR it also could be only hear head. Wearing a shiny headscarf. I think she is in a hurry because the fabric curls in the wind.


Here i spotted fingers. I admit- creepy fingers but they look so soft I instantly wantet them to touch my skin…
At the same time i can see a pair of ski…i think the person who belong to them is driving at full speed because everything is so blurry…


I love to hear what different people spot in these photos, so feel free to coment your visions.
In fact it’s of course only a flower, but as you can see, it can be much more.




Love to hear your thoughts!

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