Weekly selfies – week1 (Aug 25-31, 14)

Last night I decided to do a new profile pic as you can see at the bottom.
The exposure was 1.6sec and there is nothing edited except a tiny little bit of contrast and cut to size.
In the second picture, you can see below, the exposure was 5sec.

In that night I also decided to start a new project named “weekly selfies” because I noticed I’m not really confident whith self portraits. But I also love the idea to be behind and in front of the lens nearly at the same time.

Maybe this project will help to improve my abilities and grow and certainly have a lot of fun.
To see all posts of this project at a glance go to the archive and select the category “weekly selfies”.


It was a sleepless night.

A new cup of coffee on the small table. Smelled like heaven.
I poured rice milk -my newest discovery- into the black liquid.
Watched the short dance between coffee and milk.
The colour changed and I was wondering  if they enjoyed their quick merge. Or could it be possible that they hated it. Maybe they loved to be who they are, dark strong brown on one side and graceful pure white (rice milk actually is that white) on the other side.
Now…I forced them to be ordinary tan.

Horrible vision. Hope I’ll never have to merge with someone and get ordinary anything…
I carefully added 3 ice cubes and took a sip.
Oh my…I am shure they loved their little dance.
It was exquisite!




2 thoughts on “Weekly selfies – week1 (Aug 25-31, 14)

  1. Thanks nelson!
    It actually took some time, but not as much as I expected.
    I think it was the seventh or eighth try when it finaly worked out :)


  2. The first one is very interesting, lovely B/W and very artistic. How many time did it take you to get this shot?


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