Coffee and other blessings

When I got up this morning I was in a terrible mood.
My dreams were haunting me even though I was already awake.
I was freezing and my mouth was dry.
So you can see, not the best start in a new day.

Then, a stranger made my day and once more I’m overwhelmed by the power of kindness.

I was on my way to meet with a friend. Weather was and still is cold and rainy.
There was this man walking in front of me, carrying some huge bags.
From time to time he needed a break.
As I catched up he smiled at me. It wasn’t just this restrained smile I usually get from strangers.
We dividet the bags(I am sure he gave me the lighter one) and walked side by side.
He was obviosly speaking a foraign language I couldn’t understand so we walk in silence.
For farewell he gave me another smile and I smiled back.
It was an honest smile and it really improves my day.

Back at home now.
Enjoying a cup of coffee.
I shot some before-after pics. Thought it may be easier to understand this post then:

88276 IMG_20140901_161121534

Be kind. Maybe you earn one of this warm honest smiles.


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