Week2 (Sept 1-7, 14)


Second post for my weekly selfies and second long exposure try. I am in love with this blurry and sometimes transparent shapes because they are able to show the emotion of the situation the picture was taken.


This week was like a journey through unexplored and rough landscapes.

It started with a quick run through the woods, I stumbled over roots from time to time. Then the trees disapeared and even if I looked back, the only thing I coud see was…nothing. Nothing except for sand and the sun. Cold nights and far too hot days. No water and no hope. The next morning the desert was transformed into something I’ve never seen before. It was foggy, I could barley see my outstretched arm but at the same time I saw the sunbeam above me at the beautiful but gray sky. From time to time I passed a tiny flower or a fountain of hot steaming water. And I heard…absolutely nothing. I don’t know where I am at the moment, but I know its beautiful and peaceful so I’ll stay a little longer I guess.


Love to hear your thoughts!

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