Week3 (Sept 8-14, 14)


It’s sunday evening of week3.
It’s already dark outside and I am late but finaly made it in time.

This third part of my weekly selfies is named “masks” an it is another long-exposure experiment.


I wonder if there is or will be this one (or are there more?) person(s) with whom I dare to take off the mask.
And I mean every singel mask- the one I wear at work,
the one I take on when I am finaly walking home through the crowded city
or that one with a sweet smile on it I am wearing at home when I am not smiling inside but suposed to do so.

“We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin.”  – André Berthiaume



6 thoughts on “Week3 (Sept 8-14, 14)

    • Thanks a lot. I appreciate that!
      You are so right, it really was a callenge and took some tries, but once you got the feeling it wasn’t that hard any more ;)


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