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“Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you once made. If you want different results, make different choices.”

But I think it’s not that easy. You never know exactly where a choice lead you. The impact could be wider as you expected.
There are so many choices in your everyday life. Every second is a decision.
And all your decision you’ve ever made unite to the phenomenon we call life. Even the bad decisions or that one you regret…All of them, all, were important to become the person you are now.
If you would have decided in any other way, you wouldn’t be the same today. Maybe it would have been better, maybe worse. You simply don’t know and will never know.

I am grateful for all my decisions, the brilliant and the stupid one…because they are the reason that I am who I am.

IMG_2827kl IMG_2695kl.1

I shot this photos above this evening. They are my second “smoke-photography” try.
My first try was about 4 years ago:

smoke3 smoke4kl smoke6kl


2 thoughts on “Choice

    • Thank you! Yeah it looks absolutely like a lady with wild hair or an very extravagant dress :)
      The previous pic looks like the olympic flame to me;)


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