More loveletters

I really wasn’t in the best mood when a great great great website found its way to my eyes: The world needs more love letters

It’s so simple and brilliant at the same time! It’s about spreading love and joy.
When was the last time you wrote a lovelette? Can’t remember? It’s been far too long?
Yes, it’s the same here. Although I can remember the last time it’s years ago and this surely is far too long ago.
So, on a warm sunny day (yesterday), I decided to sit on the windowsill, let the sun warm my feet and write some honest lines to an completely stranger. After that I took a walk and placed the envelope on a ledge next to the road.

To only write this letter and place it somewhere public improved my day. It got even better when I walked alongside this ledge today and saw…nothing. The envelope was gone. It surely wasn’t the wind because I took a stone on top of the letter, so it couldn’t been blown away. I am pretty sure there is a stranger out there who read my lines and I hope it improves their day as much as it improves mine.

So, if you can’t remember your last love letter, if you had a bad day, if you had a really good day, if you are single or in a relationship, if you live in the city, if you think your last love letter was written too long ago, if you are living on the country first read this then write some lines and place it in a public place. You’ll see it will brighten up your mood. If you pass this place again look if your letter disappeared and be happy :)


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