Week6 (Sept 29-Okt 5, 14)


It’s half of week 6 of my weekly selfies and this time there will only be a single photo.

Sometimes there are so many thoughts and dreams and visions buzzing inside my head, that I have to pause and try to organize them. The only problem is, I’ve never known and I guess I’ll never know how to exactly put them in order. But as soon as there is a little space for another tiny thought, I think that all this chaos is quite alright. It’s our thoughts that define us. And I’m so thankful for all the clutter inside my head – because after all the stuff is mixed up new great stuff came into being. So I think the best thing for me to do isn’t trying to organize everything inside but to take my time and mix it all up. Dream. Enjoy. Then be grateful for all the new amazing stuff my head and thoughts and dreams created.


Love to hear your thoughts!

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