Oh, I love to dream.

I’m dreaming on my way to work, I’m dreaming in buses/trains/airplains/cars, I’m dreaming when I’m taking a walk and when I’m lazy inside. Even if I’m reading a book or watching some series, if I’m studying or cleaning up the mess in my flat…I’m dreaming.
Sure, I do have a real-life and I’m able to focus on this very moment. But, most of the time there are so much more thoughts in my head and I’m enjoying to let them flow.


I shot this two half blurry pictures somewhere in the woods of some mountains in the alps. I was alone and my thoughts were drifting away.
I think we’ll never know if our dreams will come true or if they are true already. Maybe we create new realities with our thoughts. Maybe we are living right now in such a reality which anyone anywhere has created.



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