light of the past

It’s six years ago now.
It was summer and, for me, it was a damn good one too.

“Peponi” means paradise. So, if you like, listen to Peponi- from the Piano Guys. I think the song matches perfectly especially to this first picture.


I shot this two pictures, like I mentioned above, six years ago now. It was the beginning of my macro-photography-experience and therefore I am so grateful. This two shots may not be outstanding, remarkable or in any common sense special. But for me, they are much more than that. They have the power to preserve emotion and impressions which I thought I have forgotten a long time ago.

I think every kind of emotion, and every tiny idea is unique. You’ll never think the same thought twice. Never feel exact the same emotion once again. So if anything can bring a fragment of thoughts or emotions from the past back to my mind its nothing else than a gift. In this case it’s a marvelous one.

So, please do me the faver and smile while you look at this two pics :)





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