Week26 (July-Okt 15)

Although this first shot was captured in july, it appeared on my screen not until october.
In the meantime it accompanied me on my journey – silent and patiently waiting in the belly of my cam.
It seemed like the selfies-project took a four month long pause, but in fact I just paused to load them up, not to shoot them. So hereby I’ll catch up with that:

This one long moment, captured in a single shot, was one of the most overwhelming moments of my journey.
To lie down on the ground and rest the tired bones surrounded by snowy mountains made me feel so incredible grateful.
There was no human being, no street, no house in sight, and the knowlege that I wouldn’t see these things again for quite a long time gave me a deep touch of freedom.

Spending some time in the middle of nature, without the touch of civilisation, is (for me) the best way to boost my mood and my health. These days alone surrounded by breathtaking landscapes (such as shown in the previous post) brought me back to my roots and let me see my path again. This was and hopefully will always be my way to find strength and energy.

I hope that my children are able to do the same, to feel the same inner peace when lying in the grass and feeling the cool wind on the skin, like I do.
I wish more people would experience the power, the freedom and the energy wich are only some of the precious gifts from nature.
I desire that we appreciate what is given to us and finally start to return it.
Please live green and do whatever lies in your power to obtain the miracles of nature for our children and grandchildren.


This pictures and all the beautiful thoughts and emotions that came along with that momenst are dedicaded to my eldest sister, which wouldn’t leave my side through the whole journy. even if it was ‘just’ in my thoughts and dreams.


Love to hear your thoughts!

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